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Prosicion 게임용 암 슬리브 - 전문가용 게임용 암 슬리브 요약정보 및 구매

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Prosicion 게임용 암 슬리브 - 전문가용 게임용 암 슬리브

Prosicion Gaming Arm Sleeve - Professional Gaming Arm Sleeve


  • Prosicion LEVEL YOU UP: Helps you get better aiming in your fps games, maintain your muscular memory at top and keep traction over surfaces as minimal or maximum as you want depending of what sleeve you choose.
  • Good feeling: The combination that we use in our sleeves it’s super comfortable , it does not matter which one do you choose (our mix of nylon and spandex or knitting fabric) you will get a perfect balance keeping you cold in the hot days and hot in the hard winter. Your arm its going to be READY TO AIM!
  • Protection: For those who want to use our sleeve outdoor or wherever you have continuous exposition to the sun our material is made to protect you from sun rays.
  • Healthy: Thanks to the compression that our sleeve makes it is going to help you improve the circulation in your arm and keep the soreness in your arm as low as possible for those long sessions in your pc, console or doing another activities.
  • Keep it clean: our product is 100% washable so you can keep it clean just put it in your washer machine and forget about it until is clean.

Are you tired of dealing with the lack of precision in your video games? Of not being able to do the same shot twice because your muscular memory lacks good memory? Of feeling your skin against different surfaces missing consistency? Precision for YOU is nothing more than the probability to obtain the same results every single time, again, and again until there is nobody left on the battlefield. Everyday we face different challenges as GAMERS, we got to face that not everything that we do is how we planned them. We have some inconsistencies and most of the time is because of that feeling against different surfaces, if it’s not always the same, you can’t do the same every time. Also even though you are not running or lifting weight our muscles need to be warm up in order to perform as PRO as we want to. If you control this aspects is going to be easier to repeat that flick shot of your last match. So… now that we know the problem, what can we do to solve it? We introduce you our new pro GAMING SLEEVES, it doesn’t matter how your gaming style is, or if you have a fingertip grip, claw grip or palm grip. Our gaming sleeves are made from a specialized material to keep your muscles warm and tight so they can work in the most PROcise way possible. We think in all of our GAMERS and we have different presentations, if you want to total control of your arm with the perfect amount of compression, we have our KONTROL series made just for YOU! If on the other hand you want you move your whole arm or stick to one single place when you play we have our HYBREED series, where you can choose from two different models but you will have a stabilized feeling it doesn’t matter what surface your are playing in, it will keep your muscles warm and with that you are going to be able to improve your aiming accuracy in game.

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고객센터 1588-4763, 평일 9:00~18:00, 주말/공휴일 10:00~17:00

주식회사 위글로벌리

회사명. 주식회사 위글로벌리 주소. 서울특별시 강남구 언주로 147길 42, 2층 220호
사업자 등록번호. 743-86-01885 이메일.
대표. 최윤덕 전화. 1668-1654
통신판매업신고번호. 2021-서울강남-01134호 개인정보관리책임자. 양윤세

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